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Create a standard that drives good business and nurtures a healthy culture

We offer a wide range of services designed to help your team thrive.

Our efforts are designed to enhance your Employer Brand


Employer Brand Launch & One-on-team Coaching

One of the best ways to refine and direct your Employer Brand is through our EB Launch & One-on-Team Coaching
Employer Brand Persona

Work with us to recreate and frame your employer identity

Employer Value Proposition

Create the unique value you offer as an employer to your employees in return for their skills

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Create and activate the purpose statements that stand as the foundation for your organization

Operating Principles and Culture Handbook (MVP)

Build out team charters with operating principles and begin the process of codifying your common language

Leader's Narrative

Create a narrative around the face of the organization (for Founders, Executives, and others in Leadership positions)


Employer Value Proposition (EVP) DESIGN

Your EVP is instrumental to recruiting and hiring - and not just employees, but investors, collaborators, and board members as well. It gives your leadership team the opportunity to think about the employee experience from the start of someone’s career.
Purpose Statements

The words and phrases we use to share why we exist, what we care about, and why we will continue.

Brand Language

We identify, frame, and activate your organization's brand language to create guardrails for the internal brand experience

Framing of Benefits & Basic Needs

Put your brand language around benefits and career opportunities; move from general to custom

Hierarchy & Operating Principles

Create a compelling visual + narrative experience when presenting your team structure, roles, and responsibilities


Write an Employee Handbook

Your Employee Handbook should be the most important document in your office. Whether digital or physical it represents the level of priority your leadership has equipping your team with the knowledge, message, and confidence to communicate on behalf of your organization.

Through interviews and workshop prompts, we identify the narratives, words and phrases you use to share why you exist, what you care about, and why you will continue.


As the "Most Important Document" in your organization, your employee handbook must showcase how you position our people to thrive within your business, structure, and culture.


Approaching your Pitch from the inside out, we work with your team to develop words and phrases they will use to talk about your products, customers, and the outward facing brand experience.

Systems, Employee Experience, and Legal Language

It would not be a handbook without including the nuts and bolts of "things you need to know" when working as a member within your organization.

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Howl Nice is our first call when our clients need internal communication strategy and support.

Eric Brown

Co-Founder & CVO at Whiteboard

It was a pleasure to work with Ross. His insight and enthusiasm were invaluable when putting language to our culture and brand.

Mark Taylor

Founder & CEO at Dominion Group

I always loved working with Ross. He always asked challenging questions to help move us closer to our goals. He has a client-first mindset and served our team well!

Lee Hogan

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications at Winshape Foundation

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