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Your strategic partner in developing your Employer Brand and Company Culture.

A howl is used as a call to hunt, to rally for safety, and to bring new members to the pack

Our passion for good people leading good people drives us to deliver exceptional results.
Everyone is howling for more
People came back to work looking for more purpose and greater connection. They believed their effort was a part of their identity. And we listened.  

Howl Nice is an internal communications studio helping companies activate their employer brands to drive their culture and good business. Over the past three years, I have been captivated by the idea that employers and employees want the same things — and a big piece standing in their way is the right words, written down, taught, and activated. That's messaging, words built for action and made true through action, and at our heart Howl Nice is a words and actions studio. Whether for start-ups or ages old companies using terms like legacy and longevity, Howl Nice creates frameworks and stories that grow culture, promote good business, and connect people with purpose at work.


our way of working
Our goal is to write good words that move people to act. We arrive at this action through a targeted and clear approach.


Audit & Interviews

We are not doing our job if we are not getting a holistic view of what you need to thrive. We do a competitive audit to understand the industry, and we talk to your people to get a 3600 view of the DNA of your company.



You have to lead your company when we are gone. Like a decent dating app, we don't expect to be around forever. That's why we create an environment, and rhythm, for collaboration. We need your team to join ours in forming the pack you'll lead in the future.



Your people want to be lead. If you help them become the best professional they can be within your company, they will listen and learn. But you have to get their attention and gain their trust, again and again. We create frameworks and write words that are meant to influence.


Words, words, words

We are a team of word nerds. Don't tell us one word over another is semantics. That's editing. We are going to work our tails off to make sure that we land on words that fit your style, are clear and to the point, and drive action.


Digital First

We love beautiful, heavy-weighted paper handbooks and employee passports. But screens are always on a desk or in a pocket, and we create assets to be on hand at all times. If it's not there when you need it, what good is it?


Human Results

Do people use the assets we create? Do they connect with the words? Do they cause them to act? "Are your people using it?" is the most common question you will hear from our team. We are looking for human-powered results.


meet the team
Here's all the talented people pushing pixels and boundaries to consolidate your success
Ross Hagan
Founder and Principal
Why focus on employer branding and culture-building?
To be honest, Howl Nice is a selfish endeavor

Over a decade of experience has taught me the founders and leaders who care about their internal culture and their employees’ experience are the greatest clients in the world. They are just as demanding and tenacious in the construction of their team and professional relationships as they are in the creation and marketing of their products and services. These are the best folks in the world to work with, so I created a suite of offerings targeted at them.

Our services
Why the name "Howl Nice?"
The wolf remains distinct and exemplary as an individual, yet serves the pack.

A wolf can not survive without the pack, and the only way the pack survives is through a shared language to organize their movements. In the face of near insurmountable odds, howls, barks, yips, and whines keep wolves together and alive. "Howl Nice" was an easy moniker to land on because I believe every person wants a shared language and to serve their chosen pack.

Our Work


how we work
Here are a few core beliefs that give us the edge we need to lead our clients
People want to be lead

People want to work for a great company. They want to work for people they trust and they want to play a role in the development of great products and services. Books and podcasts will continue to extol the solopreneur's path, and - while that works for some - we will continue to point to established companies as the better opportunity for purpose and clarity.

Words at work demand action

"Make content" is the overused, misunderstood call to saying more stuff. But there is a difference between reaching critical mass with your content and putting words out into the world that are only as valuable as the actions that follow. Words at work - said in a meeting, over a Zoom call, or to collaborate with a coworker - must be the catalyst to action.

Everybody always

New frameworks are being created one after another to flatten hierarchies and dispense responsibility. We say, Yes. Yes, and flatten attitudes and egos. Flatten barriers to clarity and connection to purpose. Flatten anything that gets in the way of everybody in your pack moving as one.

Open-handed with vision

For the majority of founders and executives, a healthy dose of independence and "rugged individualism" was needed to get them where they wanted to go. But once in the leader's seat, he or she has to learn to be open-handed with their vision. They have to go through the painful evolution of trusting others to be as "game on" as they were on their way up. This is the move from solitary hunter to alpha of the pack.

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Ross Hagan
Founder and Principal