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Howl Nice exists to help good leaders become the next wave of great employers.
Our Belief: An Employer Brand should address basic needs, create meaning at work, and build pathways to professional and personal growth.

Your Employer Brand comes to life through the relationship of two elements: the identity you have crafted to communicate with current and potential employees and their experience with that identity.

To create and direct your Employer Brand, you must consider: your employer persona, vision, mission, and values, founder’s narrative, operating principles, the messaging that frames your Purpose, People, and Pitch and the benefits you provide to satisfy basic needs.

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Percent reduction in turnover when an organization has an Employer Brand
Percent more qualified applicants when an organization has an Employer Brand
Percent of job seekers that consider an Employer's Brand before applying
Percent of people that would leave their current job for an organization with an excellent Employer Brand


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Eric Brown

Co-Founder & CVO at Whiteboard

It was a pleasure to work with Ross. His insight and enthusiasm were invaluable when putting language to our culture and brand.

Mark Taylor

Founder & CEO at Dominion Group

I always loved working with Ross. He always asked challenging questions to help move us closer to our goals. He has a client-first mindset and served our team well!

Lee Hogan

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications at Winshape Foundation

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